10 Gbits/sec ITU G.709 Reed-Solomon Decoder Core  
The G709D-10 core implements the 16 block interleaved RS(255,239) code specified by in Annex A of the ITU G.709 standard.
  • ITU G.709 Compatible Reed-Solomon core
  • Input and output data streams are block-interleaved for seamless connection in G.709 system
  • 10 Gbits/sec operation in 0.18 CMOS process
  • 140 Kgates in 0.18 using a typical standard cell library
  • Less than 100 mA of dynamic current in UMC’s 0.18 CMOS process
  • One-edge, one-clock fully synchronous design without multi-cycle paths
  • Separate FIFO for increased flexibility and simplified IC floor planning
  • Complete error reporting for Bit Error Rate calculation and feedback into threshold detection circuits
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