15 Mbps LDPC Low Density Parity Check Code Encoder/Decoder Core
AHA has developed a configurable and compact Low Density Parity Check Code (LDPC) core for use in a variety of Forward Error Correction (FEC) applications. The core supports numerous codes, blocksizes, modulation schemes and data rates, which can be changed "on-the-fly" to accommodate changing channel conditions and Adaptive Coding Modulation/Variable Coding Modulation (ACM/VCM) systems. AHA's IP core provides an economical solution by obtaining greater coding gain and placing communications links closer to the Shannon Limit for Bit-Error-Rate (BER) performance.
  • Available for FPGAs or ASIC
  • Supports code change “on-the-fly”, allowing adaptation to changing channel conditions
  • Compatible with CCM, ACM and VCM systems
  • Configurable design allows trade-offs between error rate performance and data rate
  • Supports up to 8K bit coded block size
  • Each code has an independent programmable iteration count
  • ASIC or FPGA netlist
  • Complete documentation 
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